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We are a community of scholars committed to the exploration of literary works focusing on the African experience.

The African lifestyle has greatly evolved, bringing to focus concepts and issues that were not a ‘public’ reality in the continent, just a few decades ago. Contemporary literary issues unavoidably call for a shift in the creation and presentation of literature in order to effectively address the same.

However, the shift in creation and presentation of contemporary African Literary work does not necessarily rule out the relevance of works and ‘literatures’ created and presented by pioneers of African Literature. On the contrary, it is a ‘building-stone’ added to the larger structure that progressively (as we opine) African Literature.

pdf guide books holds as its tenet, the belief that a holistic approach to the evaluation of contemporary African issues is based on a merger of old and new approaches towards African Literary creation and presentation.

All literary works featured on African Literature Reviews are examined against the stated belief. Further, acknowledges that there is not a single-right-method of examining or evaluating literary works. The interpretation of any given literature is given to bias as per the reader’s environment.

African Literature thus reserves the rights to interpretations of literatures as featured on its website. All borrowed interpretations of literature/reviews from the site/groups/pages associated with African Literature reviews, must be duly acknowledged.

All direct quotations, titles of books, plays, poems and other literatures from selected literary works featured on African Literature Reviews are duly credited to their original owners.

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