The Successor by Francis Imbuga

Summary and Review

‘The Successor’ by Francis Imbuga, is a play that focuses on the themes of human greed and the role of the supernatural in determining the course of our lives. Character- being a major aspect in drama has been used by the author as the vehicle with which he has relayed his desire message. The writer has used different characters in his play to convey different messages.

Characters that are found in the play are; Chief Jandi, Diviner See Through, Zira, Ademola, Demokola, Chief Oriomra, Segasega, Emperor Chonda, Chief Sasia, Kaisia, Kaliyesa, Vunami, Rita and Akiuso. The major characters in the play are; Chief Jandi, Emperor Chonda, Zira, Kaisia, Oriomra and the Diviner See Through.

The Successor by Francis ImbugaThe play is divided into two parts, each of which is divided into a number of scenes. Each of the parts presents a new stage in the development of the play’s plot. In the first part of the plot, the audience is introduced to the various characters in the play. The audience has the chance of learning about the nature of each of the characters and the role that each of them play in the development of the plot. The second part of the play opens with a new task for the Emperor of Masero (Emperor Chonda), where he has been accorded the task of naming a successor to the throne.

Apart from the themes of greed and the role of the supernatural in determining the course of our lives, other themes that the author of the play has dealt with include; materialism, social relationships and the struggle for political positions. Suggest more themes for this summary.

The author has also used a number of devices, which have enabled him to convey his message. Some of the devices which he has used include; Irony, humour, songs and suspense.

The author has used all the aspects at his disposal; characters and stylistic devices, so as to be able to convey his desired message, and has thus been successful in communicating his message and also using literature as a tool for both entertainment and education.

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      Thanks for the summary but please discuss themes .
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      Thank you for your comment. We will include the desired information in this summary.

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    please give the character traits of the characters in the successor by francis imbuga

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    The analysis is so awesome but too brief!!

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    Thank you all, for your continued and useful contributions to this review. We have noted the need for additional information in the review. We are working on the information and will add it soon.


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    How do characterization confirm to the aesthetics used by the author in The Successor

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    How would you relate the writing with oral literature

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    brief precise and amazingly awesome

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    Thank you for the summary but please discuss the themes and the stylistic devices in this play


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